Our Beach

A group of around 20 concerned residents met on 7 May to discuss the recent damage to Bradley's Beach caused by the recent storm and in particular actions that might help stabilise the reserve and make it safe again.
IWe will use this page to capture resources to help beachside residents coordinate their response in an holistic way.

If you have resources you'd like to share with the community please sent them to payniac@me.com.

Links to resources which illustrate the potential impact of sea level rise on future extreme weather events:


Sea Level Rise Map for Dangar Island -3MB

The sea level rise map for Dangar Island shows the impact of sea level rise combined with a one in 100 year rain event for a 40cm sea level rise (expected by 2050) and a 90cm sea level rise (expected by 2100).

A letter from the League to Council re the damage to the Beach can be found

Cybele Shorter has put together the following 'before' and 'after' album which catalogues almost the full length of the beach. You can access the album


The following forum has been established to help people shares ideas, comments, opinions, solutions, offers of help, encouragement etc to others who share your love of our beautiful beach. You'll need to log in with facebook or register a free account to leave comments.