Dangar in the news

This page will list articles from the media which mention the Island.

If you spot something you’d like to share please send to website@dangarislandleague.net.

5 April Hornsby Advocate - Dangar Island ferry company goes bust

2 April ABC Online - Iconic ferry service goes under

30 March Hornsby Advocate - Riverboat Postman grounded

28 March Your Investment Property - The suburbs where nobody wants to sell

5 March Hornsby Advocate - Testing to support water quality in Hawkesbury River

26 January 2012 SMH - Backlash halts bid to increase effluent in river

29 December 2011 Hornsby Advocate - Marinas and luxury homes will destroy island's values

18 December 2011 SMH - Sydney Water using the Hawkesbury as a toilet

13 December 2011 ABC - Calls for Premier to intervene in river discharge plan

12 December 2011 Hornsby Advocate - New call for lift as residents rail against stairs

12 December 2011 SMH - Sydney Water baulked at avoiding higher river discharge

9 November 2011 New Zealand Herald - Island paradise, an hour from Sydney

7 November 2011 Current at Brooklyn NSW Blog - Monthly blog post about all the things going on over in Brooklyn

14 October 2011 Hornsby Advocate - Fed up Brooklyn commuters are in need of a lift

6 October 2011 Bush Telegrah - Plans to increase effluents enrages Hawkesbury River locals (an article by Yvonne Lechti)

27 September 2011 SMH - Fishermen furious over move to increase effluent in Hawkesbury

25 September 2011 SMH - Your Home Girt by Sea

27 August 2011 Hornsby Advocate - Treatment plans make residents fear for Hawkesbury River's future

11 July 2011 The Australian - Water Works

16 May 2011 Daily Telegraph - Peat Island to be rezoned

25 April 2009 SMH - A place that cars forgot

13 November 2008 SMH - Push the barrow for Dangar