Bradley's Beach restoration

The severe southerly storms at the end of April 2015 caused serious damage to Bradley’s beach and reserve. Residents, lead by Cybele Shorter, met on 7 May to discuss the issue. Following this, DIL wrote to HSC (click here for letter of 17 May) informing them of the discussions and asking them what plans Council had to address the immediate, medium term, and longer terms issues.

Since then:

  • Rob Moxham and school kids in the Clean4shore program cleaned the beach on 18 June. DIL sent letter to the school on 7 July thanking them.
  • Council have been out to inspect several times. They are:
  • Looking at stabilisation options
  • Propagating plants for re-vegetation
  • Taking some advice from a “restoration consultant”, with whom they visited the site on 17 September. They were not forthcoming with information, but indicated they would be doing something soon.
  • Looking for opportunities to fund the works

Jodi Theissen, Cybele Shorter and Vanessa O’Keefe have been chasing other funding sources. Chances of successfully securing grants are slim, so we have submitted the same application in for 3 different funding programs.

For two of these (Building Community Partnerships program and the Environmental Restoration & Rehabilitation program - both administered through the State Govt Environmental Trust), DIL is the applicant.

For the third (Building Resilience to Climate Change program), HSC is the applicant, but we helped them prepare the application.

$80K - $90K is being sought to undertake stabilisation works and revegetation.

If we are successful, we’ll need some serious buy in from residents in the planting phase – on paper we have committed 500 person hours!

We may not know the outcome of the applications for some months yet.