Brooklyn Improvement Master Plan

Hornsby Shire Council (HSC) has been assuring residents of Brooklyn and the Lower Hawkesbury for some time that they will pursue a more integrated approach to planning for the future of Brooklyn.

In late 2014, HSC commissioned a survey of Brooklyn and river residents as well as visitors. The survey was not about ‘solutions’, but rather about identifying ‘issues’ and views.

The results are on the HSC website (

Not surprisingly parking, maintenance of environmental values and cultural heritage, and station access came out on the top of the issues list.

Council approved a brief prepared by HSC staff at its 12 August meeting outlining the scope, process and broad costings for the development of an ‘Improvement Master Plan’ for Brooklyn.
Briefly, it outlines the aims and objectives, and the process for IMP development:

  • Consultants will be engaged to coordinate and deliver IMP tasks – background studies, community consultation and Plan document development
  • There will be a Project Control Group (HSC staff, consultants, Councillors)
  • An Agency Reference Group (to make sure State Govt requirements are met etc)
  • A Community Reference Group – One rep per ‘interest group’ by open expressions of interest (bit unclear)
  • Prior to that meeting, DIL wrote to Councillors (click here to view this letter) and made representations at the Council meeting:
  • Supporting the Master Planning process and is keen to be involved;
  • Supporting the governance arrangements;
  • Sought an assurance that a representative of each of the various community associations in the Lower Hawkesbury, including the DIL, will be included on the Community Reference Group (CRG);
  • Sought clarification of the criteria for selection of CRG members following the broad expression of interest process referred to in the Executive Manager’s Report.

Just recently DIL, other Community Groups, and all residents have been asked to nominate for a position on the Community Reference Group for the planning process.

Nominations can be made online, where the Terms of Reference for the CRG can also be found -

The DIL will nominate a representative, and encourages other island groups or individuals to do so.

This is likely to be a major league project for the coming year (2015/16).