Dangar Island League (Inc) Annual General Meeting
Saturday 15 September 2018
4pm at the Community Hall
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August 2017

On behalf of residents the Dangar Island League has made representation to the Hornsby Police concerning the recent number of thefts of boats from the Brooklyn Mooring Cooperative.

It is a concern that this criminal behaviour is also causing concern to residents having to walk at night in McKell Park to the mooring facility.

Click here to read the letter sent - we have subsequently had a conversation with the Police regarding steps that may be taken.

There is to be a review of private ferry fares to the island by IPART- Independent Pricing and Regulatory Authority - the decision is to apply for the next 4 years from 1 January 2018.

The Dangar Island League after discussion with residents has made a submission to IPART that can be viewed here. It is a complex issue that has been created by the NSW Dept of Transport's decision in the past not to install an OPAL card reader for our private ferry service. A decision by IPART will be open for wider community consultation and feedback later in the year.

May 2017

In response to representations by individual residents and The Dangar Island League we have received one response to many issues raised. This relates to the availability of smaller bins and the removal of unwanted bins upon request to the Council by 26 May. A copy of that letter is attached here but we are still waiting to receive a detailed response to all the issues raised in a letter - copy attached under the item December 2016.

Click here to read the response by Mayor Russell to the request by the DIL and concerned residents in February 2017 regarding the need to maintain the services of a ute on the island. Since then a meeting has been held on the island 9 June with Council officers and island representatives and Council now have to return with a proposal.

April 2017

The NSW Ports Authority has recently called for submissions about the current use and future of the Brooklyn Port. This is independent of the Brooklyn Master Improvement Plan process. The DIL submitted a completed survey (20 May) that can be viewed here to indicate some of the views and needs of the island community. No date has been given for feedback on this process.

We have been given details of the tender document for the construction of the proposed Dangar Island Pontoon and Gangway. This document can be accessed by clicking here for any further specifications of the proposed construction. Click here for detailed drawings of the proposal.

Click here to access the latest information provided by PROPERTY NSW regarding a revised development proposal for Peat Island and Mooney Mooney. This revised proposal has been forwarded to the Central Coast Council for consideration before it is returned to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment for a Gateway determination. Click here to access the more detailed submission to the Central Coast Council. There will still be community consultation on any revised plan.

March 2017

Click here to access letter to residents from the President DIL requesting any comments about the intended removal of the Sydney Water Reservoir - 149 Riverview Avenue - so that a discussion can be held with Sydney Water representatives.

February 2017

Click here to access the letter sent to Mayor Russell, HSC regarding a request to maintain the services of a ute on the island.The DIL considers this long-standing arrangement should be continued. Removing the ute would result in increased costs to Council and to water, sewerage, electricity and other utilities working on the Island. It would also have negative results for Island safety and amenity.

December 2016

Click here to access letter sent to Bob Stephens, Acting General manager, HSC by the DIL regarding concerns as expressed by residents regarding the revised Dangar Island Waste Management Service.

November 2016

Click here to access letter sent to the Mayor Steve Russell, HSC from the DIL further to the Community Round Table Workshop held in Brooklyn on 26 November 2016 detailing progress on the Brooklyn Improvement Master Plan. Copies have also been sent to Councillor Nathan Tilbury, Matt Kean MP and Julian Leeser MP.

May 2016

Click here to access notes from a meeting between the League and local MP Matt Kean.

April 2016

Click here for notes of a meeting between the League and Elton Consulting re Dangar Island Ferry Wharf Upgrade.