Community First Responders

In case of emergency phone 000. CFRs only respond when called out by the ambulance control centre as a result of a 000 call.

The ambulance control centre will ask you a series of standard questions, including your address and the nearest cross street.

You must answer this question.

“I am calling from Dangar Island. I live on a water access property. My address is... and the nearest cross street is ...” (eg “Neotsfield and Riverview” or “Riverview and Riverview”)

The control centre cannot proceed until this question is answered.
Click here to download a printable brochure about the Community First Responders which you might want to put on your fridge or near your phone.

The Dangar Island Community First Responders (CFRs) are part of NSW Ambulance, which provides the unit with equipment, medications and training.

The CFR Unit started duty on July 1 2014, operating a 24/7 on-call roster for island medical emergencies. NSW Ambulance set up the CFR unit to enable quicker responses to emergencies on the island.

CFRs are called out at the same time that an ambulance and other emergency services are being dispatched, and help paramedics get to you faster.

CFRs are trained by NSW Ambulance, work within NSW Ambulance protocols, attend monthly training, and are recertified annually.

Because CFRs are part of NSW Ambulance, your confidentiality is protected just as it is in a hospital or GP clinic. CFRs cannot discuss anything related to patient care.

The CFR’s carry, and are trained to use, the following:
• Oxygen
• Airway equipment (adult and paediatric)
• Nebuliser and suction equipment (adult and paediatric)
• Debrillator
• A range of medications including analgesia
• Splints including traction splints • Spinal collars
• Extrication device
• Burns kit
• Tourniquets
• Dressings
• Obstetrics kit
• Transport equipment (stretcher, carry chair)

For more information contact Dr Christine Sanderson.