Dangar Island Vehicle Management Committee

The Dangar Island Vehicle Management Committee currently manages two vehicles which operate on the island. These are the Community Buggy and the Community Utility.

Community Buggy Bookings: 0438 925363
Community Ute Bookings: 0499 935 103

Comments and queries to buggy1@live.com.au

The Dangar Island community vehicles are owned by Hornsby Shire Council and provide a communal solution to the unique mobility needs associated with living on Dangar Island.

Community Buggy

The buggy is used to help people with transporting themselves and their shopping around the island.
Additional volunteer drivers are always welcome in order to maintain our seven day a week schedule. A current NSW Driving License and 1-2 days per month are all that is needed. Driving takes very little time and the roster is very flexible.

Hours of operation

On Call Service:
Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 7:30pm (Call by 7:00pm to be picked up from the 7:30pm ferry)
Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5.30pm
A driver is on duty to respond to bookings as they are made.
Unrostered Service - given a minimum of 24 hours notice you may be able to arrange a booking outside of rostered times.

Emergency use - the vehicle is able to carry a stretcher and medical assistants. The Dangar Island Fire Brigade and the Ambulance Service have access to the vehicle and their own registered drivers. Volunteer drivers are not responsible for the medical care of people being transported.


The buggy can carry up to five passengers at a time.

$5.50 - able passenger
$2.20 - frail or disabled passenger
$2.20 - accompanying mobility assistant
$0 - accompanied children under 4 years old
$2.20 per item exceeding 20 kg per passenger

What else?

Animals must be properly contained; for example on a short lead or small dogs and cats in cage - guide dogs are the only exception. Drivers are not expected to lift loads for passengers.

The full code of conduct is available here..

Community Utility

The utility is used for the transport of larger, heavier or more rugged loads such as furniture, rubbish or building supplies. To hire the ute you need to be over 25 years of age and hold a current driver’s licence.

Hours of Operation

The ute is available 7 days a week and bookings can be made by calling the volunteer Utility Officer between 9:00am and 5:00pm. Advanced notice of a few hours, or preferably the previous day, would be appreciated.

Hire Fees

The utility is booked out at a cost of $50 per hour or part thereof.