Would you like to get to know others who are interested in the natural environment that surrounds Dangar Island?

Learn about indigenous plants of the Island by spending a pleasant few hours on the second Saturday of each month with the Bushcare Group.  

We meet on the second saturday of the month at 9:00am at "149" Riverview Ave - the main access track into the reserve. Wear closed shoes, long sleeves and hat. No prior knowledge necessary.

Indigenous Plants of the Island

When adding plants to your garden, consider indigenous plants.
They’re easy to maintain, compliment the special bush environment of the island and surrounding national parks, and you’ll also be providing a good food source which will attracts birds.

The Bushcare Group has recently updated a comprehensive list of plants which are local to the island, which parts of the island they do best in, and details of local nurseries where you can source seeds and plants. You can access the list here.

Other great online resources:

Hornsby Library online Herbarium
Friends of Lane Cove provides heaps of good info about flowering times and weeding tips etc.

Assessing trees on your block

Established gum trees are the architecture of ecosystems forming natural high-rise apartments and amusement parks for Australian fauna. Tree sustainability beyond today relies on interconnected urban vegetation as well as good fragments of reserve habitat.

Remnant forest is found intact here on Dangar Island around Riverview Ave however where our main urban development exists today, was all cleared for grazing before subdivision. With time the natural canopy is Re-establishing from the uncleared edges, however the rate of tree removal from private and public land is increasing and outpacing regrowth.

Old trees have low tolerance to disturbance in the root area. Often removal of sick trees becomes a necessity after poor treatment of root area during building and gardening works. Let's try to keep our trees healthy and maintain a sustainable canopy for our unique ecosystem.

Download a form if you are assessing the trees on you block by clicking here.