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AGM of the Dangar Island League - Saturday 27th September 2014, 2pm at the Hall

AGM Meeting Agenda
1. Acceptance of minutes of previous AGM
2. President’s report
3. The Financial Report
4. Election of office – bearers and members of Management Committee 2015

Calling for Nominations for Office-Bearers and Members of League Management Committee

  • At the AGM all Management Committee positions are vacated and new officers and executive members elected for the 2015 year.

  • Nine positions are available on the Committee:
President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and five General Executive positions.

  • Candidates must be nominated by two paid up members of the League, in writing. Nominations must include the written consent of the nominee.

  • Nominations in writing must be addressed and delivered to the League Secretary, to the Island Letterbox of the League at the Café, or by email to secretary@dangarislandleague.net by Friday 19th September, the closing date for nominations.

Nomination form available by clicking here.

Welcome to the Dangar Island Community website - brought to you by the many groups on the island and proudly sponsored by the Dangar Island League.

The objectives of this website are to:
  • keep our community up to date with what's going on;
  • provide a calendar of island events;
  • increase participation by connecting people to the numerous groups and activities on the island;
  • provide a forum for individuals to share stories and photos which capture the essence of our special community and way of life;
  • encourage the recycling of unwanted goods by allowing people to advertise things they no longer need, or things they're searching for; and
  • allow businesses and tradespeople offering their services to islanders to promote their service
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